Workbook for Participants

Created by the GALE Foundation, Netherlands

A module that introduces the participants to basic terms and concepts on gender and the mechanisms of categorization and discrimination. It explains terms like sex, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, LGBTI, stereotypes, and bias, and it offers activities to play around with these words and concepts, which allows the participants to explore them in relation to their own identities.

Created by the Center for Social Innovation (CSI), Cyprus

A module that delves into the vital topic of how we build and maintain healthy relationships. A module that addresses themes such as dating, intimacy, the male and female bodies, safe relationships and safe sexual behaviors. Great attention is paid to dating violence as well as consent. The idea of the family unit is also discussed from a number of different approaches.

Created by the Conexus Association, Spain

Α module that helps reflect on how traditional masculinity is related to violence. It delves into gender based violence, and emphasizes psychological and sexual violence: what they are, their types and consequences. It offers an online educational experience with activities and questions for reflection that are particularly appropriate for questioning ideas and prejudice which teenage boys usually have on these matters.

Created by the Center for Gender Equality and History, Cyprus

A module based on experiential and interactive activities designed for online education exploring diversity, identity, equality, and change. It is particularly appropriate for confronting stereotypes, prejudice, and all forms of discrimination with emphasis on gender.