Topic 5 Parenting styles

Activity 2: Type: Free Text & Discussion

Question: Reflect on the definitions of responsible parenthood and family planning and compare them with your own ideas.

Activity 3: Type: Mini-drama (real-time and facilitated)

Create a mini-drama with small group of 3 or 4 people. Illustrate one point about parenting you think is important for other boys and girls to think about. Play your mini-drama for the rest of the class and ask for their feedback.

Activity 1: Type: Free text & Discussion

Question: What is, in your point of view, the best combination of the three styles?

There are many ideas about parenting styles. We propose you have a look at this one. It is a summary of an American research and ideas about a combination of parenting styles. As with typical American research, it gives a lot of clear ideas and concrete suggestions.

Activity 2: Type: Free text & Discussion

Watch this video critically and offer your opinion:

We will now focus on Non-Violent Communication.

Non-Violent Communication means you are aware of your own needs, and are empathetic (care about others’ needs and emotions). You communicate respectfully with others so that you can agree on a mutual way to get your needs met. This means that raising your children non-violently cannot be done by authority, control or punishment. Watch this fragment of a training:

Activity 3: Type: Free text & Discussion

What is your opinion on this?

See also this source:

Activity 4: Type: Poster (real-time)

Create a poster with your group to present the core pieces of information that you have received from this unit. The poster could focus on either the Three Styles of Parenting or on Non-Violent Communication. You could also share the poster with your peers and teachers at school to present the knowledge you have gained about the topics.

Poster presentations.