Topic 4 To sex or not to sex?

There are so many and opposing thoughts about having sex.

  • What do people think about sex for pleasure?
  • Should you have sex only in a steady relationship or in marriage?
  • When do you start to have sex?
  • There is so much to do about #MeToo. Can you still have sex without being accused of abuse?

Activity: Type: Free Text & Discussion 

Reflect on the following questions:

-Would you like to have sex? What is your most important reason?

-Do you want sex now or do you want to postpone it?

-Can you imagine the reasons of others to do it now or to postpone?

-How do you find out what your potential partner wants?

Feedback: Both wanting sex now or postponing it is absolutely fine. Even when there is pressure for having sex now or postponing it. Each person has the right to decide when the time is right for them, and there is no need to feel guilty about your or their decision. If you feel uncertain, it is best to think about you feelings before making any decisions.