Topic 4 Partner violence

Activity 1: Violence in Intimacy 

Watch this video about Intimate Partner Violence and then think about the different types of abuse that are mentioned.

Activity 2: Toxic Behaviour

Watch the video about Dating Violence: [2:00 to 3:35]

Take a closer look at the scenes from 2:00 to 3:35. Would you consider the way the boy behaves “dating violence”? Why is it, or is it not, according to you? Does this depend on the situation or the environment? Share your thoughts with your peers.

Activity 3: What would you do?


Following the video Dating Violence, imagine now that the situation was in reverse, that the boy was the one being abused by his girlfriend. So, imagine you have two good friends, who are dating and are starting a romantic relationship, and after a few months of dating, you notice several times that the girl is bossing around “her” boyfriend. He doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t dare say anything.  

Question: As a friend, what would you do? Explain if you would react and/or how you would act towards your male and towards your female friend. And what would you do if the situation continues?

Fighting Against the Social Norms

Teenagers are often misled into believing that abusive behaviours in relationships or in other certain contexts are acceptable.

Teenagers know what physical or psychological abuse is, but they sometimes think that it is the situation that determines whether a behaviour is abusive. So, they believe that violence is sometimes acceptable or even justified.

Teenagers who think like this are more likely to perpetrate or experience violence.

Therefore, we need to change the cultural and social norms that encourage violence. If you would like to learn more, read this by WHO.