Topic 4 Ideas and myths about perpetrators

The last question in topic 3 leads us to the next topic, ideas and myths about perpetrators

Most people tend to find a quick or an easy answer to explain the use of gender based violence, that makes us feel safe, to know an infallible reason and being able to separate “them” from “us”.

But f you think that there is not a single reason that NECESSARILY make someone use gender based violence or become a perpetrator, then you’d be willing to rethink with us this ideas and myths.

If we defended this deterministic idea, perpetrator programs (that help thousands of men) wouldn’t be a reality and any kind of man that wanted to ask for help with his own violent behaviour wouldn’t find where to go.

By this, we would stop an important line of work whose final objective is also keeping gender based violence victims (women and children) safe.

If we help people to understand the reality of gender based violence causes, that will help reduce it as well.