Topic 4 Getting closer

Activity 1: Levels of Intimacy I 

Below you can see a set of cards corresponding to levels of intimacy. Form groups of 3-4 participants and review the cards within your group. Make sure that everyone understands the terms given in the cards.

Holding hands at school
Holding hands in public
Introducing partner to friends
Introducing partner to parents
Making out (deep kissing, kissing on the neck)
Talking about condoms and/or birth control
Touching partner’s arm or shoulder

Activity 2: Levels of Intimacy II

Discuss the cards within your group and rank them from the least intimate action to the most intimate action. While doing this activity, avoid sharing your own experiences in any discussions. Please also note that there is no correct answer. Then, reflect on the following questions:

Did you have any disagreements?

Why people might rank the activities differently?

Does it matter where you do it?

[there is not a correct order]

Talk it out: Every person has different comfort levels for different types of intimate activities. It’s important to have discussions with partners regarding what is intimate for them and what they are comfortable doing. These types of conversations are critical elements of consent for sex and need to be on-going.

Activity 3: The Pressure

Making decisions about what you do sexually has to do with your values and your partners’ values. In order to be able to make your own decisions, you need to consider your own values and those of others.

Discuss in your group the following question: Do you think there are pressures for you, or teenagers in general, to have or for not having sex?