Topic 4 Family planning and responsibility

Activity 1: Type: Free text & Discussion 

Question: What is necessary in order to be a parent or caretaker? What is necessary for responsible parenthood? How do these ideas link to family planning?


Responsible Parenthood: The way you think, feel and behave in a balanced way, so you can decide together if you want children and how to raise them.

Family Planning: the right to decide if you want to have children and when.

(Rephrased from Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), 2002, p. 38).

Activity 2: Type: Free Text & Discussion

Question: Reflect on the definitions of responsible parenthood and family planning and compare them with your own ideas.

Activity 3: Type: Mini-drama (real-time and facilitated)

Create a mini-drama with small group of 3 or 4 people. Illustrate one point about parenting you think is important for other boys and girls to think about. Play your mini-drama for the rest of the class and ask for their feedback.