Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 3.7 Can the masculinity we know lead to violence?

And yet boys and men, as human beings, have those feelings inside the cooker.

But  for many of them, the only emotion that has validation in terms of hegemonic masculinity is anger.

As in the Anger Iceberg, boys learn to show a lot of natural and human emotions that they legitimately feel as anger. “for some men”, says Kaufman “violent responses to fear, hurt,

insecurity, pain, rejection, or belittlement are not uncommon”.

And last, but not least…

3.7. The seventh “P”: Past Experiences

Of course, every past experience affects in our present  decisions. The way we lived and we interpreted the experiences in our lives have an effect in the way we are going to be and act. But, before we go on…