Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 3.6 Can the masculinity we know lead to violence?

As we have seen, in patriarchal cultures masculinity is built in opposition of femininity, that is, “a rejection of the qualities associated with care giving and nurturance”.

Kaufman sustains that “this creates rigid ego barriers, or, in metaphorical terms, a strong suit of armor”.

He concludes, therefore, that “the result of this complex and particular process of psychological development is a dampened ability for empathy (to experience what others are feeling) and an inability to experience other people’s needs and feelings as necessarily relating to one’s own. Acts of violence against another person are, therefore, possible”.

3.6. The sixth “P”: Masculinity as a Psychic Pressure Cooker

Kaufman tells us that “it is rather typical for boys to learn from an early age to repress feelings of fear and pain. On the sports field we teach boys to ignore pain. At home we tell boys not to cry and act like men”.