Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 3.4 Can the masculinity we know lead to violence?

We could say that society give some kind of permission in some fields, moments or situations.

Kaufman remind us that “acts of men’s violence and violent aggression (both against other men or women) are celebrated in sport and cinema, in literature and warfare. Not only is violence permitted, it is glamorized and rewarded. The very historic roots of patriarchal societies is the use of violence as a key of solving disputes and differences, whether among individuals, groups of men, or, later, between nations”.

And even more, we see everyday a lot of “permission” in many social customs, legal codes and law enforcement

In many countries, laws against wife assault or sexual assault are lax or non-existent; in others they are absurd, such as those countries where a charge of rape can only be prosecuted if there are several male witnesses and where the testimony of the woman isn’t taken into account”.

3.4. The fourth “P”: The Paradox of Men’s Power

This is also called the Men’s contradictory experiences of power, and it explains that the internalized expectations of masculinity are themselves impossible to satisfy or attain.