Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 3.1 Can the masculinity we know lead to violence?

If you, like us, don’t agree with neither of those explanations ,let us introduce you the Canadian author and theorist Michael Kaufman.

Kaufman theorized on masculinities and focused on engaging men and boys to promote gender equality, end violence against women, and end self-destructive ideals of manhood.

In 1999 he introduced 7 concepts that can explain why boys and men are more given to violence than women.


3.1. The first “P”: Patriarchal Power

When a society organizes the way the power is distributed between men & women like the way we have been learning all along Modules 1 and 3 is also called Patriarchy.

As we saw before, Kaufman explains that “male-dominated societies are not only

based on a hierarchy of men over women but some men over other men”. 

And we can see that “violence or the threat of violence among men is a mechanism used from childhood to establish that pecking order”.