Topic 2 How to date?

Activity 1: The Start of Something New

Relationships… how to get one… how to keep one going!

Are you already thinking about dating? About butterflies in your stomach? How to approach someone? How to balance what you want, and what the other person wants?

Well, in this unit we will go into that. We will also study the changes in our bodies, how those changes affect our emotions and the way we see other people.

Let’s start!


How would you approach someone for a date? Share your thoughts.

Honesty & Respect

In the past – and even now – it was ‘required’ from boys to take their date somewhere “special”. To a favourite restaurant or a scenic picnic spot, so the other person will see you put some effort into planning a nice date. It was expected you would wear nice clothes that make you feel confident, so you will look and feel your best.

Nowadays, most people find out that there is not only one single key to dating a girl or a boy, because every person is different. What impresses one person may repel another. That’s a chance you will have to take when you start dating. And social media offer alternative ways to approaching someone, so a first ‘real’ meeting has become different. At the end of the day, the important thing is to be honest and respectful when communicating and interacting with someone you are interested in.