Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 2.3 Masculinity

So ok, it seems that most of the time BEING A MAN is being what the other men think it means to be a man. So the influence of men on other men is important.

When men gather, it is called homosociality (being social with people of the same sex).

When this social togetherness becomes a control of a stereotyped type of masculinity, you could call it toxic homosociality or gender policing; where the other men are the protectors of masculinity.


We can say that gender policing is a  mechanism and social dynamic that explains the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity.

In order to do that, those in charge of maintaining it, decide who is and who is not a Real Man.

Remember, from Connell’s pyramid, that this hegemonic masculinity is set up in opposition to the feminine and oppressing it, so what would make a man being less of a man? What would make a man being out of The Man Team?

Exactly!  Being closer to the feminine.

A man without the attributes that the society associates to Real Manhood, would not be at the top of the pyramid, and, of course, a man that have and/or openly shows attributes that this society associates to the feminine will suffer the same destiny: being oppressed.

So, homophobia (understood as a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian or gay) is also we find in those who protect the hegemonic masculinity.