Unit 1 Manhood and violence
20 Topics | 20 Quizzes

Topic 2.1 Rape Culture

As we have seen before, sexual violence is not inherent to human being but it is a social construction.

So in order to eradicate this, is necessary to be awareness of the social mechanisms that promote it.

These are:

  1. Social and cultural construction of hegemonic masculinity

We have already seen the patriarchal gender constructions that can lead to gender based violence and, therefore, to sexual violence.

  1. Objectification and sexualization of women

Objectification (or reification) is the process through which a person or society itself reduces a person (someone) into a thing (something), taking that person away what makes him/her a person.

It goes closely related to sexualization which is the attribution of an erotic/sexual connotation to something that shouldn’t have it.

In our society this two concepts get together turning women into sexual objects and therefore in bodies for men to be used.