Unit 1 Manhood and violence
20 Topics | 20 Quizzes

Topic 1 Sexual Violence Types

Let’s see a classification based on different axes.

  1. Based on the contact:

1.1 With physical contact:

Caresses, masturbation, touching, all forms of non consented contact, and violation (with the penis, fingers or objects).

1.2 Without physical contact:

Voyeurism, indecent exposure, sexual pictures, forcing to watch porn material, indecent proposals, lascivious looks, obscene words or gestures, sexist insults.

  1. Based on the relationship with perpetrator:

2.1 Intimate relationships:

The perpetrator has an intimate relationship with the victim, either in marriage or while dating.

2.2 Non-intimate relationships:

The perpetrator is not the victim’s partner. He can be a stranger or, more frequently, someone known by the victim, even from her closer circle.