Topic 1 Is this the end?

Activity 1: The End of a Relationship

We talked about dating, getting into a romantic relationship, and about sexual behaviours. It is also important to know when a relationship reaches its end.

Developing good relationships and ending relationships are skills that you learn by experience. It is not always easy to stop a relationship.

How do you know you need to end it?

How do you do it?

Can someone help you?

Activity 2: An Unhealthy Situation

If someone is in an unhealthy relationship what can s/he do about it?

Write your opinion about this and share it with your peers.

Power Play

In some relationships, the partners fight each other.

One partner may have power over the other in one way or another.

If the power is not balanced, the fight may turn into abuse.

Research shows that men tend to use more physical violence (hitting, sexual harassment, rape), women use more emotional violence (gossip, mental blackmail, scolding).

Talking to friends or – in serious cases – a counsellor may help. Don’t keep this to yourself, even when you feel ashamed.

Activity 3: Get Out

Some boys and girls find it difficult to get out of uncomfortable or abusive relationships. 

Why do you think this is happening?

Is this different for a boy or a girl?

Boundaries & Safety

People who are in abusive relationships often believe things will get better.

They think the problems are just a phase.

Or they try to change their partner.

Sometimes they experienced nasty behaviour in another relationship, for example between their parents. Maybe they think fights and abuse are “normal”.

Some teenagers think that having a boy/girl friend is so important that they rather stay in a bad relationship.

Some teenagers are scared to break up because their partner is too strong physically or emotionally. They fear punishment or revenge.

Activity 4: Scenes from a Relationship

Which aspects in relationships do you believe are helpful or unhelpful? Examine the options below and discuss amongst yourselves.

Being honest with each other
Being able to talk about your feelings with each other
Respecting each other’s point of view
Making decisions together
Making sure you get what you want
Feeling insecure about your emotions
Showing that you are angry or frustrated
Going along with things to keep the peace