Topic 1: Introduction to module 1

Activity 1: Introduction

Gender: what is it?

Most people think “gender” is the same as the biological sex you are born with: male or female. In reality, there are also people who are born with both male and female characteristics. Later in life, there are people, who behave very masculine or feminine, but others do not. The expectations of men and women are different and rule the world we live in.

How does this happen? Why? How can we relate to this? In this module we will start exploring this by learning to be more precise in how we talk about it.

Module 1 contains 4 units.

1.Gender Play: we play around with what gender means

2.Gender Power: we explore how power influences the way we see and deal with gender

3.Gender Stereotypes: we explore how everybody has bias and how we can handle that

4.Gender Fights: we have a look at the political struggles for equality