Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Topic 1.2 : Being a man… whatever the h*** that means

Do you see the connections between the things you wrote little boys/teenage boys/adult men do and the stereotypes we have been talking about?

By the way… did you see any connections between the little boys/teenage boys/adult men behaviors and violence? Hmmm, we’ll talk about it later…

We could also do the exercise thinking on what little girls/teenage girls/adult women do to prove and show the others their “womanhood”… and, do you think We would find connections between that and the stereotypes inside girl drawing?

Have you recognize yourself while thinking on some of those behaviors? (specially on the little boy and teenage boy ones).

(And if you did) Did you realize, while acting like that, that you were doing it to prove your “manhood”? Or that was an unconscious acting…

So, basically, We just learn to act like that, according to what we’ve been told a man or a woman behave. And we don’t even pay attention to that.

But if you take a look and rethink about all the expectations that has being a man or a woman,  and having to behave like that…

Do you think that living under the influence of this expectations has any effect on us?




Do you think that it may also involve some kind of limitations?

The next activity is called

The Manbox  & The Womanbox

And we just want you to reflect on a few questions.