Unit 1 Manhood and violence
20 Topics | 20 Quizzes

Topic 1.1 : Being a man… whatever the h*** that means

What you have been filling this drawings with are STEREOTYPES,. As you saw in the 1st module, they are “standard ideas about how men or women look like, or should look like”.

We can also say that they are preconceived ideas, prejudices, that have been building and transmitting  in society through time. They are, therefore, cultural and social constructions that classify people’s physical and psychical attributes, dividing them in men or women, and limiting  that way, even their possibilities of developing certain capacities.

Once we have divided people in men and women, according to the stereotypes, then we assume which behaviours this different people have.

This are the GENDER ROLES, they express the behaviour that, in a specific society, people expects from a person based on whether someone is a man or a woman.

For the people who live in that specific society this expectations (again, based on stereotypes) affect the way we act.

In the next activity we also ask you to fill the box with as many examples you can think of about what we ask.