Unit 1 Manhood and violence
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Unit 1 Manhood and violence

Activity 1: Welcoming Activity


WELCOME to the 3rd module!

We’ll begin this first unit of the module, Manhood and Violence, trying to give some thoughts about this association, that surely you’ve heard before, between being a man and being violent.

Are men more violent than women? Are all men equally violent? What makes this violence emerge? Is this violence something in our DNA? Or it may be something we learn?…

Activity 2: Personal Heroes

But before we start, let’s think about our personal heroes

  • Name a couple of them (minimum), or more, if you like.
  • Think about someone you admire, or someone you’d like to be / you would have liked to be at some point of your life, someone you look up to…
  • They can be real or fiction, “flesh and bones” people or not (cartoon/comic/robot…), alive or dead… Think big!
  • And WHY?! …meaning what attributes, qualities make you like this person?

For example…

Name: Han Solo

Qualities I like:

Independent (c’mon his surname’s “Solo”)
Handsome (he gets Princes Leia)
Cool, supercool
Fighter (fights Evil)
Pilot Skills (Millenium Falcon, best spaceship ever!)

Another example…

Name: Harry Potter 

Qualities I like:

Fight his own fears
Doesn’t follow the rules
Fights Evil

Question 1

Type : Free text (in a grid)

Now your turn:       


Qualities I like:

Question 2

Type : Free text (in a grid)

Another one:       


Qualities I like:

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