Module 1: What’s Gender?

Last updated: March 29, 2022

Understanding what we are talking about

0.2 Getting to know each other

Activity 1: Getting to know each other


1.Your name

2.Your age

3.One thing you are proud of about yourself

0.3 Ground rules

Ground rules: why

The topic of gender can be sensitive because people can have different (sometimes bad) experiences, and deeply held opinions which do not agree with each other.

We think it is important to agree on some rules on how to interact with each other. We want to make sure this course environment is friendly and welcoming to all the participants. So we start with an activity to think about rules for discussion and cooperation.

Ground rules: which ones

We will brainstorm about rules.

In a brainstorm, everyone can say what they want.

After a while, when everybody said what they want, we will look at the rules.

We will jointly decide which ones we all agree with, and if we want to improve some of the rules.

We will keep to the rules during this course. If we feel more rules need to be made, or existing rules need to be changed, we can do that during the course. Feel free to ask for a change of the rules. The only thing is of course that we all must agree on a change.

Our ground rules:

Here are our ground rules:

  • We will..

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