Welcome to the G.EDU platform! An educational toolkit aiming to provide educators/facilitators (including trainers, teachers, youth and NGO workers, gender experts, gender and LGBTIQ+ activists, policy makers and other stakeholders) with curriculum and lesson plans for the implementation of online courses on gender/gender-sensitive education. The courses can be offered to teenagers of all genders between 15 and 17 years old, but they have been developed with particular emphasis on the needs of teenage boys of the relevant age group.

The G.EDU platform includes two main tools. These are:
The Facilitator’s Guide and Curriculum where one can find all the necessary steps and instructions to implement the courses.
The Workbook for Participants where participants and students can find the activities and the educational material they will need during the implementation of the courses.

The G.EDU platform was created under the project Gender Education of Teenage Boys: Developing a Digital ToolKit which was co-funded by Erasmus+.